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NBC 1st Look To Feature Bermuda This Weekend

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hamilton, Bermuda (June 23, 2016) -  The Bermuda Tourism Authority's most recent promotional partnership puts Bermuda's next generation of storytellers and entrepreneurs on air to share the island's many stories.

St. George advocate Kristin White, entertainment promoter Jason Sukdeo and perfumer Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone are among the Bermuda storytellers scheduled to show off the island to a large television audience this weekend on NBC 1st Look.  The programme will air June 25, on NBC stations in New York City, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Miami - cities with direct air service to Bermuda.

Portions of the 1st Look show will air as promotional spots during other NBC programmes including the Today Show, Tonight Show and Open House.  Content will also appear in taxi cabs in the same cities, on the NYC/NJ Path Transit System and online.

The show's host received a comprehensive tour of the island, got a taste of its culture and met many of its people.  Nhuri Bashir, Nicole Golden, Leo Marino and Aaron Williams are some of the other voices that stepped up to tell Bermuda's story.

See a tease of this weekend's program right now on Facebook: