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Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping is a critical part of assessing whether businesses and organizations meet the required standards to gain National Service Standard Certification. 


Mystery Shopping 101

What skills do I need to be a mystery shopper?

A mystery shopper requires:

  • Good observation skills, a competent memory to recall the scenario you are representing and an ability to write an accurate account of what it is you experienced.

A mystery shopper must be:

  • Impartial during the course of the experience and be able to give this account in their report.
  • Discreet and able keep your role confidential so that you will be able to judge the situation impartially as a shopper.

Is training required?

Yes, mystery shop training will provide the tools you need to be able to best achieve the purpose of the mystery shop; expose you to some potential challenges you may experience as you shop; and clearly outline the expectations of the Bermuda Tourism Authority in terms of the reports to be submitted.

Are Mystery Shoppers paid?




Still interested?  Send us an email [email protected] letting us know why you'd like to be a mystery shopper and we'll arrange a time to meet!