Neighbourhood Beautification Project

Tourism Ambassadors

A BTA managed initiative, the Neighbourhood Beautification project aims to demonstrate the positive impact individual action can have on Bermuda’s tourism product.
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Take an interactive and in-depth look at all the activities of the Bermuda Tourism Authority with the 2015 Year in Review (financial reporting will be added upon completion of an audit by the Auditor General’s Office).

Missed the 2014 Annual Report? You can find it here:

How You Can Help Boost Group Travel to Bermuda

When group travel lands in Bermuda it helps the economy flourish. Group travellers consume a large volume of hotel room nights, they hire transportation companies to move people around the island and they fill restaurants. Bartenders and bellmen, musicians and meeting planners – they all benefit. Bermuda benefits.

Often times group travel can be sparked by someone just like you. Let us show you how to bring it home in just four easy steps.