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Step over the bridge and back into history to the very spot where Bermuda began. Bermuda’s first people were the shipwrecked survivors of the Jamestown bound Sea Venture.

In 1609, a fleet of nine ships owned by the Virginia Company of London set sail for Jamestown, Virginia. Enroute, there was a terrible storm and the ship was caught upon Bermuda's treacherous reefs. The survivors built two new ships, and most continued their voyage to Jamestown, but the Virginia Company laid claim to the island. Originally called New London, the Town of St. George, Bermuda was first settled in 1612 and was the capital until 1815.

The Town of St. George is the oldest continuously occupied town of English origin in the new world. Picturesque cottages, quaint lanes and alleyways and a wealth of historic architecture attract visitors from all over the world. The town and its surrounding fortifications were recently designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Dotted with 18th century homes, colonial landmarks, and thriving businesses, restaurants and shops, the Town of St. George is a breathtaking blend of both colonial and modern worlds.


St. George's and St. David's Islands

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