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Dining & Nightlife

two young people enjoying the Nightlife in Bermuda

Stellar Seafood, Global Flavours & Those Famous Rum Swizzles

Bermudian cuisine was born from a mix of British, Caribbean, African, Native American and Portuguese influences and ingredients. Sample a classic Bermudian specialty like fish chowder or taste the modern spins that innovative chefs around the island are bringing to the table (wahoo crudo, anyone?). You can enjoy good steak, curry, pasta or ribs out here, but it’s the seafood that wows. Nothing tastes better than local fish caught daily.  Be sure to try cocktails, too – the rum-based varieties are island favourites.

Dining & Nightlife Highlights

Whether you're looking to enjoy a delicious fish sandwich on the water or sit down for a formal gourmet meal from the island's most buzzed-about chef, Bermuda offers a dining experience to fill your craving. The nightlife scene is equally satisfying. In the City of Hamilton, find upscale bars, sports bars and chilled out pubs as well as clubs and lounges. Many have live cover bands or DJs in the summer, and you can catch live jazz, reggae and calypso year-round.

Find ideas for dining and going out below.

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Devil's Isle Cafe

19 Burnaby St., City of Hamilton

Hamilton & Central Bermuda | Restaurants | Specialty Shops

Exceptional food and coffee coexist at Devil's Isle in the City of Hamilton. Espresso, cold brew, pour-over coffee...

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Sweet SAAK Bakery

16 York St., St. George's

St. George's & the East End | Restaurants | Specialty Shops

Pick up fresh-baked cinnamon buns, gingerbread and a host of other sweets at this family-run bakery in the Town of St...

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