Posted on 6 September, 2016

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Back to School Bermuda: Interactive Island Education

Bermuda's been called many things over the years. A paradise. A playground. A natural wonder. But a classroom? It's true - kind of. 

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Posted on 30 August, 2016

Categories: Dining | Events | Hidden Gems | Restaurants

Spiny Lobsters Invade Bermuda!

Don't worry, they're totally delicious.

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Posted on 29 August, 2016

Categories: Events | Sport

Bermuda’s Amazing Athletes

Bermuda's homegrown athletes are powerful competitors on the global scene, most recently in the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics.

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Posted on 22 August, 2016

Categories: Travelling to Bermuda | Where to Stay

Bermuda Deals That Will Extend That Summer Feeling

The Splash Sale offers the chance to disappear to Bermuda and stretch your summer ... but wait, it gets even better.

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Posted on 16 August, 2016

Categories: Events | Travelling to Bermuda | Where to Stay

How to Plan Your Bermuda America’s Cup Adventure

The countdown is on for the #RaceToBermuda! From May 26 - June 27, 2017, Bermuda will host one of the biggest events in its long history: The 35th America's Cup, presented by Louis Vuitton.

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Posted on 2 August, 2016

Categories: Dining | Hidden Gems

Six Bermuda Food Trucks You Have To Try

From big traditional breakfasts to late night snack attacks, the diverse food truck scene is one of the island's best-kept secrets. 

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Posted on 27 July, 2016

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8 Experiences To Have In Bermuda Before Summer Ends

In Bermuda, there's still more than enough to do this summer. Here are just a few ideas for summer activities you might not have experienced yet - including a few that will help you beat the heat wave.  

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Posted on 20 July, 2016

Categories: Dining | Events | Sightseeing | Sport

Bermuda’s On The Water Celebrations

The water is a way of life out here - and sooner or later, Bermudians take their celebrations out on the waves, whether it's for a sunset happy hour or a truly bizarre boating event. 

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