Posted on 13 August, 2014

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Treasure Island at Masterworks

When you’re in Bermuda, it’s hard not to want to dig your toes in the pink sand or jet ski your way around the HMS Vixen shipwreck. But, why stop there? As much as the island inspires seaside adventures, it also has a rich history of being a muse for many local and visiting artists. Local Bermudians will be quick to point you to the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art, a small-but-mighty museum that has built a foundation for exhibiting much of this artwork on its walls.

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Posted on 11 August, 2014

Categories: Hidden Gems | Sightseeing

Bermuda's Newest Adventures

When it comes to vacations, not all destinations are created equal. And, thanks to some of these new and awesome experiences (some of which can only be found in Bermuda), your friends will be nothing but jealous of your latest trip.

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Posted on 5 August, 2014

Categories: Hidden Gems | Sightseeing

Savvy Spending Adventures in Bermuda

Ever wonder how to be savvy with your spending while in Bermuda? It's not as hard as you may think. Obvious choices include one of our many pink sand beaches or a historical tour of Fort St. Catherine, but if you just look a little further, you'll find so much more to do — from art to history to a night out on the town. 

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Posted on 30 July, 2014

Categories: Arts and Entertainment | Events

An Insider's Guide to Cup Match

Party revelers listen up! There is no time to waste in planning an on-point Cup Match holiday weekend, "Bermy-style" or Bermuda-style for you newbies. Here is an insider's guide to maximizing your stay during Bermuda's most important cultural celebration, the Cup Match holiday. This two-day affair has unofficially stretched itself to encompass five days of pure island fun, kicking off on Cup Match Eve.

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Posted on 25 July, 2014

Categories: Beaches | Restaurants

Top Bermuda Spots for a Post-beach Cocktail

No visit to the beach is complete without a frosty cold beverage of the adult variety. While Horseshoe Bay and Tobacco Bay both have concessions on the beach, sometimes you simply crave a Swizzle after a day full of sun, sand and sea. Since Bermuda is known for our Rum Swizzles and Dark ‘n Stormies, finding a starting point is easier than getting the sand out of your suitcase.

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Posted on 15 July, 2014

Categories: Arts and Entertainment | Sport

10 Reasons Sailors Love Bermuda

Bermuda has long had a legacy as a maritime, sailing destination, especially with the advent of the Bermuda sloop and Bermuda rig. And, with the recent news that Bermuda is one of two finalists to host the 35th America’s Cup in 2017, it's no secret that sailors love Bermuda.

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Posted on 11 July, 2014

Categories: History | Snorkeling

Two Hours Away, Part 4: Dive Like The Hero Of An Adventure Novel

Did you know Bermuda is literally two hours from New York City? You might not have realized it's a nearby vacation option, and it's not just for country clubbers anymore.

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Posted on 3 June, 2014

Categories: Hidden Gems

Tour Bermuda’s Hidden Gems

Bermuda has many hidden gems, some which are yet to be discovered by some our travellers. Ashley Harris is here to bring those discoveries to light.

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