Posted on 16 December, 2014

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Bermuda’s Boxing Day Beat

Bermuda may be geographically closer to the United Sates, but many of its traditions show that the island has even closer links with England. Case in point: the celebration of Boxing Day, the United Kingdom’s public holiday on December 26. 

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Posted on 15 December, 2014

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Bermuda’s Island Twist on the Holidays

The holiday season in Bermuda is filled with familiar seasonal sights, sounds and smells – but they’re all given an island twist.

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Posted on 9 December, 2014

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New Year’s Eve On The “Onion Patch”

Every December 31st, when the clock strikes midnight in New York City’s Times Square, the ball drops, ringing in another year. 200 miles to the east, on the Atlantic island of Bermuda, it’s a slightly different story. 

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Posted on 5 December, 2014

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Five Breathtaking Natural Landscapes in Bermuda

Everywhere you look in Bermuda, you’ll see astonishing sights. And nowhere is this truer than in the island’s nature reserves, where untamed wilderness and wildlife are found in abundance. These pristine landscapes offers visitors a chance to commune with nature and escape from the everyday.

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Posted on 3 December, 2014


How To Eat & Drink Like A Bermudian This Holiday Season

Bring the flavours of Bermuda to your Christmas feast this year! Enjoy some of the seasonal staples that Bermudians enjoy on December 25.

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Posted on 25 November, 2014

Categories: Arts and Entertainment

The Rudolph Connection: Arthur Rankin’s Bermuda Legacy

Rankin (along with his partner Jules Bass) brought such timeless holiday icons as Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer to an audience of millions via a series of beloved holiday TV specials. But unlike his animated characters, he didn’t reside in an arctic wasteland. Far from it.

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Posted on 22 November, 2014

Categories: Hidden Gems

The Perfect Bermuda Gifts for Everyone On Your List

For those of you that won't be joining us for the holidays this year … put a little Bermuda under the tree with a few local favourites.

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Posted on 20 November, 2014

Categories: Restaurants

In Search of Bermuda’s Best Fish Sandwich

It's served all over the world, but in Bermuda, the fish sandwich has been raised to an art level. It's also a bit of an island obsession. From no-frills joints to fine dining bistros, the fish sandwich is a perennial menu staple.

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