Posted on 17 November, 2014

Categories: Arts and Entertainment | Forts

36 Hours: Immerse Yourself in Bermuda Culture

Bermuda's beaches, golf courses and aquatic adventures are all legendary - and rightly so. But they're just the beginning of the fun on the island. Unique arts, culture, nature, food and history are all waiting to be discovered.

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Posted on 27 October, 2014

Categories: Hidden Gems | Sightseeing

Haunted Bermuda: Five Ghosts You Might Meet On The Island

Bermuda and the supernatural go way back. In the early 1600s, the first settlers were so terrified by demonic, high-pitched screeches and squeals that they nicknamed their new home "The Isle of Devils."

OK, so those screeches and squeals turned out to be the sounds of wild hogs.

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Posted on 13 October, 2014

Categories: Golf

A Novice’s Guide to Golf

Bermuda boasts the highest concentration of golf courses in the world, with seven spectacular courses over 21 square miles – so you can bet that the island knows its way around the green. While there may be 450 million golf fans worldwide, we know that there are still those who may need a quick primer on the finer points of the game. Here’s what you need to know before you hit the links.

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Posted on 13 October, 2014

Categories: Golf

Beyond the Grand Slam: Bermuda’s Most Challenging (and Most Spectacular) Golf Experiences

The PGA Grand Slam of Golf returns to Bermuda for one last tee-off this month, bringing some of the world's best professional golfers to a gorgeous destination just a two-hour flight from the U.S. east coast. Reigning major champions Bubba Watson (Masters), Martin Kaymer (U.S. Open) and World Number One/PGA Player of the Year Rory McIlroy (Open Championship and PGA Championship) will join past major champion Jim Furyk at Port Royal Golf Course, October 14-15, 2014.

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Posted on 13 October, 2014

Categories: Arts and Entertainment | Golf | Restaurants | Sightseeing | Sport | Travelling to Bermuda

The Ultimate Guys’ Getaway in Bermuda

A sun-kissed, one-of-a-kind island paradise, Bermuda has everything you need for an epic guys' getaway. Deep sea fishing? Check. World-class golf? Check. A pirate ship that serves killer cocktails? Check and check. And that's just the beginning…

Here are the essential ingredients for an ultimate guys' getaway in Bermuda.

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Posted on 6 October, 2014

Categories: Arts and Entertainment

Holiday Escapes: Unwrap & Unwind in Bermuda

The holiday season is supposed to bring "good tidings of comfort and joy," but these days, the (ever earlier) appearance of holiday decorations in stores is more likely to bring feelings of pressure and stress.  The savvy alternative to escape the retail frenzy: a quick hop to a low-key, laid-back destination steeped in holiday charm.

The beautiful island of Bermuda is an out-of-the-ordinary antidote to the holiday grind, offering an accessible escape to connect with who and what really matters most in your life.

Located east of North Carolina's coast, Bermuda is just two hours from most major eastern US airports. And the island's December temperatures usually hover in the 70s - making it a comfortable and civilized place to exhale and unwind.

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Posted on 30 September, 2014

Categories: Hidden Gems

The Amazing Journey of Bermuda’s Mary Celestia

Flash forward to the 21st century. A winter storm exposes the bow section of the Mary Celestia, which has long been covered in sand and silt. Divers bring several well-preserved artifacts to the surface, including four still-corked bottles of wine, a hairbrush, shoes - and amazingly, two intact bottles filled with clear liquid and embossed with the legend "Piesse & Lubin London," the name of an elite 19th century perfume house. You've heard of sunken treasure. It's time to discover a sunken scent.

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Posted on 22 September, 2014

Categories: Where to Stay

Bermuda’s Royal Palms – One of Fodor’s Best Hotels For 2014

Last week, Fodor's Travel (only the most well-respected name in travel guides for more than 75 years) named Bermuda's Royal Palms Hotel as one of its 100 Hotel Award winners for 2014, which "celebrates and recognises the most incredible hotels around the world." The Royal Palms is one of just 12 small hotels on the list and has the further distinction of being a "Fodor's Choice" hotel, placing it in the top 25 of the Fodor 100.

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