Posted on 7 April, 2016

Categories: Hidden Gems | History | Sightseeing

Uniquely Bermudian: Get Lost in Bermuda’s Historic Homes & Gardens

Bermuda keeps up its lush appearance year-round ... but once spring has sprung, the island blossoms with vibrant colour. It's a time of year that takes on a uniquely Bermudian glow. 

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Posted on 29 March, 2016

Categories: Arts and Entertainment | Events | Hidden Gems | History | Sightseeing

Bermuda’s Peppercorn Ceremony Celebrates 200 Years

The 200th Anniversary of this only-in-Bermuda event will be bigger and more festive than ever. 

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Posted on 22 March, 2016

Categories: Beaches | Caves | Forts | Hidden Gems | History | Sightseeing

Discover the 7 Wonders of Bermuda

Of all the famous 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, only one remains standing: the Great Pyramid of Giza. But out here in Bermuda, we've got (at least) seven spectacular wonders. 

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Posted on 15 March, 2016

Categories: Beaches | Caves | Hidden Gems | Sightseeing | Travelling to Bermuda

Picture Perfect: 12 of Bermuda’s Greatest Photography Hotspots

Out here, the colours just POP. We asked four of Bermuda's pro photographers to share a few favourite spots for capturing the island's singular beauty.

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Posted on 8 March, 2016

Categories: Beaches | Hidden Gems | Sightseeing | Where to Stay

The Bermuda Guide to Relaxation & Rejuvenation

Bermuda is the ultimate destination for relaxation and rejuvenation - an escape from everyday stress and a pathway to peace of mind. 

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Posted on 29 February, 2016

Categories: Hidden Gems | Sightseeing

40-Tons and Friendly: How To See Humpback Whales in Bermuda

These 40-ton, 50-foot mammals aren't shy about saying hello to locals and visitors.

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Posted on 25 February, 2016

Categories: Beaches | Dining | Hidden Gems | Restaurants | Sightseeing

Out Here, Spring Starts Early

Ready to put away those sweaters and scarves? Miss your Sunday brunches in the sun? Ready to get outside? Come to Bermuda.

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Posted on 17 February, 2016

Categories: Arts and Entertainment | Hidden Gems | History | Sightseeing

Black History Month in Bermuda: Discover The African Diaspora Heritage Trail

In honour of Black History Month, learn more about Bermuda’s African roots. 

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