Posted on 20 April, 2015

Categories: Hidden Gems | Sightseeing

Four Flowers To Enjoy This Spring in Blossoming Bermuda

Bermuda didn’t experience that frigid Polar Vortex that struck many locales this past winter, but that doesn’t mean we don’t look forward to spring. All over the island, there’s a fresh blast of colour and fragrance, thanks to these beautiful blossoms. 

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Posted on 15 April, 2015

Categories: Events | Sport

Bermuda’s Sporting Life: Five Can’t-Miss Upcoming Sports Events

Golf. Volleyball. Fly-fishing. Swimming. A whole lot of yachts. The upcoming months in Bermuda are packed with fun athletic endeavors that will bring together international athletes and the island’s best. 

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Posted on 13 April, 2015

Categories: Arts and Entertainment | Events | Forts | Hidden Gems | History

Freemasons, Peppercorns & Town Criers: An Only-In-Bermuda Tale

Discover an only-in-Bermuda event, celebrated every April during the Peppercorn Ceremony in St. George’s King’s Square. 

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Posted on 31 March, 2015

Categories: Hidden Gems | Restaurants

Bermuda’s Local Loquats: Four Delicious Tastes To Try

From February to April, Bermudians rejoice. Why? Because it’s loquat season. This small, round fruit, a member of the plum family, grows wild all over the island. 

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Posted on 31 March, 2015

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Britannia in Bermuda: A Guide to Bermuda’s British Charm

Bermuda’s first settlers were from England, and though plenty has changed over the past four centuries, the island’s British heritage remains strong. Here are just a few ways to get familiar with Britannia in Bermuda. 

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Posted on 20 March, 2015

Categories: Arts and Entertainment | History | Travelling to Bermuda

Bermy Slang: 10 Key Words & Phrases To Know Before You Go

Wopnin? Chingas? Onions?! While you’re traveling through Bermuda, you may hear locals use some unfamiliar phrases and terms. We’re here to help you with this quick guide to Bermy slang. 

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Posted on 20 March, 2015

Categories: Beaches | Events | Hidden Gems

Let’s Go Fly A Kite: Good Times on Good Friday

Horseshoe Bay Beach gets even more colourful than usual every Good Friday, when the skies over the beach fill with dozens of dazzling, handmade kites during KiteFest. 

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Posted on 17 March, 2015

Categories: Beaches | Events | History | Sightseeing | Sport | Travelling to Bermuda

8 Great Moments In Bermuda’s Sailing History

For more than 400 years, seafarers have been drawn to Bermuda, resulting in a rich, colourful maritime history. Discover just a few of the greatest moments. 

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