Posted on 1 July, 2015

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My Own Private Island: Five of Bermuda’s Most Secluded Spots

Discover a handful of Bermuda spots that get you off the beaten path for peace, quiet, and plenty of natural beauty. 

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Posted on 30 June, 2015

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10 Reasons Why You Need To Spend Your #SummerFridays in Bermuda

Summer Fridays in Bermuda are as good as it gets. Here are just ten reasons why. 

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Posted on 29 June, 2015

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4 Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July in Bermuda

Bermuda may be a British Overseas Territory, but that doesn’t mean United States citizens will feel out of place here over the Independence Day weekend. Here are four fun ways you can celebrate the 4th. 

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Posted on 24 June, 2015

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The Water Is Where It’s At: Bermuda’s Top 10 Ultimate Aquatic Adventures

Whether you’re into adrenalin-fueled excursions like flyboarding or cliff jumping or mellower pursuits like kayaking and fishing, there’s an aquatic adventure in Bermuda for you. 

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Posted on 22 June, 2015

Categories: Arts and Entertainment | Events | History

A Beatle’s Escape: The 35th Anniversary of John Lennon’s Bermuda Fantasy

In June 1980, when John Lennon docked his yacht in Bermuda, the former Beatles genius hadn’t finished a song in almost five years. Bermuda changed all that. 

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Posted on 17 June, 2015

Categories: History | Sightseeing | Sport

Sails of Glory: Bermuda’s Sailing Races

In Bermuda, sailing history is made every year, thanks to the wealth of sailing competitions that bring the world’s best sailors to these shores. 

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Posted on 15 June, 2015

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7 Ways to Cool Off in Bermuda this Summer

Bermuda keeps it cool – even during the summer. The island never gets too hot, with average summer temperatures hovering in the mid- to low-80s Fahrenheit. 

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Posted on 10 June, 2015

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Sunglasses Hour: 6 Great #SummerFridays Lounges in Bermuda

When you hit these Summer Friday hotspots – each with its own excellent view and vibe – don’t forget your sunglasses. 

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