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Bermuda Rail Trail Adventures

Surprise and delight await on the Bermuda Rail Trail National Park, which spans the island from end-to-end. Winding from striking rocky coastlines to breathtaking backcountry greenery, it provides all the escape and adventure of an off-the-beaten-path trek. 

Bailey's Bay Footbridge

Bailey's Bay Footbridge

1 Enjoy a Picnic

Get away from it all. Pack a picnic and set off for a secluded spot of your own on the Railway Trail. 

Tip: In summer, enjoy an island frozen treat – the Snowball. 

2 Catch a Fish

The ocean is never far away on the Railway Trail, and there are many good spots to try to land the big one from the shore. Head to Ely’s Harbour near Somerset Bridge – bonefish and snapper are regular catches here. And even if you don’t catch anything, the island ambiance is second-to-none.  

3 Break a Sweat

If it’s good enough for an Olympian, it’s going to be good enough for you! Bermuda’s Olympian triathlete Flora Duffy, the first Bermudian ever to win an Olympic Ggold medal, loves to hit the Railway Trail, not only for its mostly flat terrain, but also for the spectacular views that accompany any jog or bike ride.

4 Take a Plunge

Red Bull Diver showing off his skills at Admiralty House

Red Bull Diver showing off his skills at Admiralty House

| Credit: Garth/ The Medium

Those sparkling turquoise waters look good. But they feel even better. As you find your way on the Railway Trail, you’ll come across plenty of beckoning Bermuda beaches that virtually command you to stop and take a dip.

5 Steal a Kiss

The serenity of the Railway Trail makes it the perfect place for a fresh air date with the one you love. Virtually anywhere along the Trail is good for a romantic rendezvous – but in Ferry Point Park there is a beautiful spot called Lover’s Lake Nature Reserve. How can you resist?   

6 Spot a Plane

Look — up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman! Oh wait, it’s a plane. But not just any plane. This plane is full of passengers to Bermuda, and they’re all looking down at you exploring the Railway Trail … and wishing they could be right there with you. 

7 Watch the Sunset

Bermuda sunsets are legendary — and there are endless options for catching one along the Railway Trail. As the golden sun dips into the sea, say goodbye to a perfect day on the island … and start planning tomorrow’s Railway adventures.