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21 Socially Distant Summer Adventures

With a mix of British charm and island soul, Bermuda is intriguing and inviting. Our way of life is elegantly relaxed and genuinely warm. We celebrate cultures, revel in nature and stay open to whatever may happen next. Pink-sand beaches, historic towns and exciting year-round experiences may be the first to capture your attention, but it’s our original, ever-evolving take on island life that will bring you back. So, dive in and add your own tale to the story.  

The best view of Bermuda is from the water on paddleboards

The best view of Bermuda is from the water on paddleboards

1 See Below the Surface

For fresh views of Bermuda in all of its splendour, traverse transparent waters and see ocean life on an active excursion with BDA Watersports.

2 Take a Jet Ski Safari

Zipping around Bermuda’s waters on a jet ski is a great way to enjoy high-speed thrills and discover remote islands. Experience a breathtaking view of the island that you can’t get in any other way. 

4 Tee Time

With more courses per capita than anywhere else and dramatic oceanfront fairways, the island is a golfer’s paradise—a perfect excuse to get the group out here.  

5 Disappear in Nature

Walk lush forest trails, swim in idyllic turquoise grottoes and explore subterranean caves in Blue Hole Park, a 12-acre East End nature reserve locally known as Tom Moore’s Jungle.  

6 Here Comes the Sun

Sunrises are sacred, wake-up early and watch the sun rise over one of our pink-sand beaches. Warwick Long Bay on the famed South Shore is a good place to start. You can walk the trails to Jobson’s Cove, Stonehole Bay and all the tiny bays and inlets in between. It’s a glorious photo opportunity you won’t want to miss. 

7 Picture Perfect

Unlock your inner travel blogger/photographer and capture the splendour of the island. No matter where you point your camera, you’re going to come up with an image worthy of framing.

8 Hang Ten

For graphic tee shirts, skateboard decks and handcrafted surfboards shaped and glassed on-site, head to Isolated Surfboards in the City of Hamilton, a working design studio that also features Bermuda’s only skateboard halfpipe.  

9 Indulge in Retail Therapy

The City of Hamilton is a compact capital packed with shopping unique keepsakes, including graphic T-shirts emblazoned with local sayings, vibrant swimwear and custom leather sandals.

10 Picnic in the Park

Head to Miles Market for a picnic basket filled with the likes of curried chicken salad sandwiches and cookies. Next up is a picnic in one of our many parks. The lush Botanical Gardens stars 36 acres of trees and blossoms with plenty of places to lounge – and dine – on the grass.  Or, travel to the serene Bermuda Arboretum offering 22 acres of gorgeous open space, with shady trails, ornamental bridges and peaceful meadows.  

11 Play Captain for the Day

Rent a self-drive Boston Whaler from BDA Watersports for the ultimate day at sea. Boats include retractable Biminis, a cooler with ice and unlimited on-the-water adventure.

12 Try Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Whether on a guided tour or on your own, find balance as you paddle out to quiet coves, shipwrecks and coral reefs. Rent a board from K.S. Watersports in Hamilton or St. George’s

13 Submerge into the World of Scuba

With more than 400 wrecks in its waters, Bermuda is the Shipwreck Capital of the Atlantic. Explore sunken luxury liners, old wooden schooners and an abundance of coral reefs teeming with colourful tropical fish.

14 Wander the Streets of St. George’s

Step back in time as you stroll the centuries-old brick streets of the Town of St. George, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Bermuda's former capital, the well-preserved historic town and nearby fortress make St. George's and the East End a haven for British colonial architecture, history and culture. 

15 Dance to the Gombey Beat

Cheer on brightly adorned Gombey dancers, who capture the pulse and rhythm of Bermuda culture. You never know where they will show up, just follow the sound of the snare drum and whistle.

16 Snorkel with the Kids

Perfect for kids of all ages, the calm waters of many of our beaches and coves are tailor-made for active family exploration. View thriving coral reef and fish galore beneath clear turquoise waters. 

17 Walk the Ocean Floor

Hartley’s Helmet Diving leads underwater walks that take you eye to eye with fish, turtles, and more. Using a helmet with large glass windows and air hoses, divers can walk and breathe freely as they explore the colourful coral reefs.  

18 Take the Plunge

Bermuda is home to some seriously exciting cliff-diving spots. The most popular and best for first timers is Admiralty House Park, which has deep water and tall cliffs. 

19 Make Tracks

Ferry Reach, one of Bermuda’s largest parks, is a 62-acre maze of trails that will take off-road mountain bikers through some diverse, challenging terrain, from deep mangrove forests to coastal cliffs. 

20 Tour a Virtual Art Gallery

The Bermuda National Gallery’s Bermuda Biennial exhibition, “Let Me Tell You Something,” is available for viewing online as a virtual tour. The exhibit features video, paintings and sculptures inspired by a quote from the Pulitzer Prize winning American author, Toni Morrison. Get the whole family engaged with the children's activity booklets about Pop ArtSea Treasures and more. 

21 Advantage, You.

Pack your racket and prepare to have a ball – tennis is great year-round in Bermuda.