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Alexandra Mosher's jewellery is the kind that makes people ask, "Where did you get that?" Take home a piece of wearable art inspired by the colours and textures of Bermuda.

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There’s a little bit of Bermuda in everything Alexandra Mosher makes – often literally. Her Bermuda Reef collection features the island’s legendary pink coral sand fused into beautiful earrings, rings and bracelets. Spend some time browsing at her 450-square-foot boutique, Alexandra Mosher Studio, in the City of Hamilton – Alexandra calls it a “little wonderland of treasures.” We spoke to her about her jewellery, her artistic style and her inspiration.

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How Would You Describe Your Boutique?

Come into my store and it’s like this little wonderland. It’s not your average store. I want it to feel like you’ve come into a special place. It’s very small, and a bit quirky, with hand-painted walls and window displays. It’s different.

Where Did You Get the Idea for Using Bermuda’s Pink Sand in Your Collections?

I woke up dreaming about it! I had this waking dream about the little boiler reefs and tide pools along the South Shore, and the way that they settle down and splash. And I woke up with a vision in my head.
My first collection with pink sand was my Bermuda Reef collection, and those actually look like the boiler reefs here, which are really unique. They’re little round formations, like platforms that develop just under the surface of the water. And inside them is a little bowl of sand, basically. So I re-created that on a smaller scale.

Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery in Bermuda

What Type of Person Wears Your Jewellery?

Truly, I’ve been doing everything from a little one-year-old’s first earrings all the way up to grandmother’s brooches. It’s a broad range. But my ideal visitor client is someone who is pretty fashionable, and really gets into the experience of Bermuda. She’s done the research and knows exactly where she’s going and exactly what she wants. She’s someone who collects things from around the world, and this is part of her Bermuda story.

How Would You Describe Bermuda’s Sense of Style?

It’s absolutely lovely. Bermuda is colourful. It’s warm. It’s breezy. There’s a lovely pop of preppiness that’s also dressy. The thing about Bermuda is that you can really deck yourself out and you’re not going to be overdressed for going out to dinner. I don’t love places where you can’t dress up and feel comfortable.

What Is It About the Island That Inspires You Creatively?

It’s just a stunning place. There’s beauty all around, and the colours are amazing. I’m best known for my work with the pink sand of our beaches, so I look at a lot of pink sand very close up, and the little worlds that form inside my pieces are stunning. When you look at it on a closer level, it’s just magnificent.

Two pink sand heart rings.

What’s the One Piece You’ve Created That You’re Most Proud Of?

I go through phases. My favourite right now is our Christmas ornament, which is the Bermuda Fitted Dinghy. Bermuda is just so happy about the America’s Cup, and there’s a huge rush here because of it. So this ornament is about Bermuda’s sailing tradition. It has the six sailors in the boat – they’re tiny! – and it has the pink sand in each of the sails, and there’s a little flag on top. There’s a little bit of whimsy to it.

I’m also really excited about a new collection of textured men’s wedding bands and women’s wedding bands and engagements rings that’s just developing. I’ve literally taken a little mould and taken impressions of various textures around the island. I did a fish-scale ring last week and I’ve taken moulds of palm fronds, and lichen that’s growing on the Devonshire dock, and a sea urchin that we found washed up. So these textures are directly pulled from the island. I’ve been using the hashtag #lookcloser on social media and I want people to really see Bermuda in a different way – and to feel it, as well.


Are There Any Fellow Bermuda Artisans You’d Like to Give a Shout-Out To?

I am in love with all things Lili Bermuda. Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone has taken what she does to a level that is so exquisite and elegant, but it’s also so Bermuda. It’s the essences of Bermuda. I love Rebecca Hanson and her TABS (The Authentic Bermuda Shorts) brand. And there’s also Allen Murray, who makes cedar pens, letter openers and wine stoppers, and he makes America’s Cup merchandise.



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