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Tourism Investment Division

Tourism investment is a major focus at the Bermuda Tourism Authority. The role of this division is to enhance investment in the tourism industry through improving the investment environment, attracting investment in tourism and managing investor relations.

This division is responsible for investment opportunity identification and sourcing, which may include researching developable sites and renovation opportunities. The tourism investment division also maintains a public database of tourism investment opportunities, conducts feasibility analyses, and markets these investment opportunities. Additionally, the division co-ordinates with Government and private entities to reduce and eliminate any investment obstacles for tourism.


In the fall of 2017, Bermuda's Parliament passed the Tourism Investment Act which provides a range of incentives designed to stimulate investment across the island's tourism infrastructure.  Hotel development and refurbishment is a major focus of the legislation, but restaurant owners and tourism attraction owners also stand to benefit from these new incentives.  “Since the National Tourism Plan in 2012 the need to improve our tourism product has been a priority," said Bermuda Tourism Authority Chief Investment Officer Andy Burrows. "Now, by way of the Tourism Investment Act, we have a mechanism to coordinate the improvements the island needs and our visitors want.”  If you have questions about the Tourism Investment Act reach out to the investment division using the link provided or via email at [email protected].

How the Act Benefits Bermudians


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