Tourism Entrepreneurs

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We partnered with Bermuda Broadcasting Company’s “The Breakdown with Toni Waterman” to take a close look at tourism entrepreneurs emerging across the island. Although people working on these small businesses and events are not counted as tourism workers in statistical reporting, their passion is 100% tourism and distinctly Bermudian. We hope you enjoy these profiles.

AirBNB Experiences Brings New Opportunity

Entrepreneurs with distinct Bermudian Experiences can reach a global audience in one fell swoop.


A local app connects visitors with distinct, intimate experiences that open the door to Bermuda’s way of life.

Wild Herbs n Plants of Bermuda

An edible walk on the wild side with a daughter of Bermuda’s soil.

Bermuda Carnival

Planning a visitor experience that shows off the Caribbean influence in Bermuda’s culture.

Ariel Re Bermuda Rugby 7s for Spring Break

The new Bermuda spring break for college and high-school athletes.

Photo Shoots Sparkle Out Here

Photographer Meredith Andrews captures Bermuda’s beauty in the perfect light.

Destination Experiences With Wine & Stunning Views

Two budding promoters create new memories in unexpected places.



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