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6 Reasons to Choose Bermuda for Your Next Meeting

Looking for an unexpected location for your next corporate meeting or event? Bermuda is a meeting destination unlike any other – completely dialled in and totally set apart.

Bermuda is certainly a paradise for leisure travel, but it’s also a fantastic destination for meetings of all sorts and sizes. Fabulous amenities, diverse options for team-building activities, modern telecommunications and a surprisingly accessible location – it’s all in Bermuda.


There is no known local transmission of Zika virus in Bermuda because the most capable mosquito species to transmit the virus, the Aedes aegypti, is not found on the island. Bermuda has one of the most comprehensive mosquito control programmes in the world. For travellers concerned about visiting destinations where Zika has been identified, Bermuda is an ideal location for meetings and events.

At this time, travel to Bermuda is as safe and easy as it’s always been. The Bermuda Tourism Authority continues to monitor the situation with appropriate local and international health authorities.  

2 Easily Accessible

Bermuda is closer than you think: less than three hours from most U.S. East Coast gateway cities and Toronto and seven hours from London. Travel to Bermuda in the morning or afternoon and hold your first meeting or social event the same day. Learn about travelling to Bermuda by air.

3 World-Class Accommodations & Venues

Business-class hotels and elegant cottage colonies offer a broad range of fully equipped meeting and conferencing facilities. Each feature surroundings, service, amenities and ambience that inspire creativity and reward effort. Explore Bermuda hotels and resorts and meeting venues.

4 Modern & Efficient Services

The best of all worlds: a year-round destination offering the beauty and allure of a secure island resort and the up-to-the-minute technology and infrastructure of an international business centre. Bermuda can deliver everything to meet your needs and budget: convenient public transportation, sophisticated telecommunications and conferencing, site selection and management assistance, full-service catering, audio-visual, computer and support services, team-building activities, spousal programmes, corporate gifts and more. Browse meeting and event suppliers.

5 Tax Deductible

Bring your group to Bermuda for a warm welcome, great accommodations, fully equipped meeting facilities, unique venues, endless activities and some of the world's most beautiful beaches – and it's all U.S. tax deductible for meetings and conferences in Bermuda. Choosing Bermuda is a bankable decision.

6 An Unforgettable Experience

The Bermuda experience is all about quality, and the island offers your business award-winning accommodations and venues as well as dedicated and personalised service. You'll soon discover why Bermuda will be the one destination your group will never forget.