The Bachelorette Comes to Bermuda



On a show about finding love and celebrating romance, where else would The Bachelorette go but the Island of Bermuda?

Emily Maynard’s quest for love found her and the crew of eligible bachelors leaving her hometown in North Carolina to be whisked away to Bermuda, the first in a stop of magical getaways around the world. Bermuda’s pink sand beaches and turquoise blue waters inspire romance amongst visitors year-round, and the majestic Island set the scene as sparks flew and feelings grew between Emily and her potential suitors.

A series of special dates during the episode let the group get a glimpse of the true character of Bermuda, beyond our world-renowned beaches and awe-inspiring natural wonders.  The men found themselves staying in a spectacular resort with breathtaking harbor views, and several lucky suitors were invited by Emily to experience the beauty and culture of Bermuda up close with historic trips and adventurous activities on land and by sea.  

From having dinner in subterranean caves to diving off cliffs, Emily and her men moved one step closer to love as they took in all the adventure, charm, and romance that Bermuda has to offer.

Emily began her romantic Bermudian journey by inviting Doug out for a first date filled with history and culture in the town of St. George’s. The two enjoyed a leisurely walk through the cobblestone streets,  shopping, sampling rum cakes, and enjoying a Gombey dance performance, ending with a relaxing Island-style picnic and a walk through a uniquely-Bermudian lucky moongate. Doug later joined Emily again at Rosewood Tucker’s Point for a romantic candlelit dinner, complete with flowers and champagne.

The next day, the suitors found themselves setting sail on the sea of love – with a sailing competition at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club to win Emily’s heart. The winners got to end the evening on a group date with Emily, and the fireworks set off over Castle Harbour weren’t the only sparks in the breezy Bermuda air!

Another date found the group enjoying a romantic picnic by the water and testing their willingness to jump into love with cliff-diving into Bermuda’s pristine turquoise waters. Later, an intimate dinner among the stalactites and cool reflecting pools in the Crystal Caves led to Emily making an emotional decision on the journey to finding everlasting love.

The Bachelorette certainly had an enchanting time on the Island, but the adventure in romantic paradise drew to a close with the Rose Ceremony back at Tucker’s Point resort. While all the men were fortunate enough to experience Bermuda’s charm and beauty, not everyone can continue with Emily on the journey to finding love, and on to the next round of Bachelorette adventures. Two men were forced to pack their bags and leave both Emily and Bermuda behind. Whoever she ends up with, The Bachelorette will have the memories of a romantic first getaway on our Island, and of the time she first visited it with someone she was falling in love with…

Did Emily and her suitors cover the most romantic things to do and see in Bermuda? Tell us your idea of a dream Bermuda date and have a chance to win a dream getaway to Bermuda by entering our Facebook contest, which can be found here

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