Explore Bermuda's Crystal Caves

One of the biggest highlights on my Bermuda trip was definitely my visit to the Crystal Caves. I’ve visited caves around the world (Italy, New Zealand and many more) but I have to admit that the caves in Bermuda really surprised me. When entering the cave, you don’t know what to expect, other than walking into darkness with the knowledge that you’ll have to descent 83 steps.

These caves were discovered in 1905 by accident. Two boys, Carl Gibbons and Edgar Hollis, both around 13 years old, were playing cricket when they lost their ball. When they went looking for their ball, they stumbled upon this natural wonder.

Walking in here, you’ll be surrounded by stalactites, stalagmites and beautiful crystal-clear water.

There’s no better way than to describe this experience than showing you through photos:

 Crystal Caves 1 


 Crystal Caves 2 


 Crystal Caves 3 

Fun Fact: “Cave Kisses”
When a drop of water falls on you in the cave, they are called “cave kisses” and are meant to bring you good luck all day.

Besides the Crystal Caves, there are also the Fantasy Caves. Unfortunately due to time, I didn’t visit these. From what I’ve been told, the Fantasy Caves are a bit tougher to visit because the climb is steeper, as the pathway is held in its natural state and not paved like in the Crystal Caves.

Practical Info

Hours: 9.30 am – 4.30 pm daily

Admission: $20 adults, $8 children (5-12 years)

Combination with Fantasy Caves: $27 adults, $10 children

Children under 5: free

Web: http://www.caves.bm/crystalcave.html 

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